Who are the authors

Who are the authors?

About the Authors

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Louise Tidmand, Ph.D., PostDoc in Positive Education. Louise made her thesis with the project “Life Skills on the Curriculum”, MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology and the educational manager at StyrkeAkademiet ApS, as well as the author of a series of research-based materials on well-being for schools and parents. She trains pedagogical staff members all over Denmark in practical work with Positive Education, social-emotional learning and courses to enhance well-being from a strength-based perspective. With fifteen years of teaching experience in school and adult education, Louise is eager to transfer her research into practice. Louise may be contacted through www.strength.academy

Nadia Holmgren, MA (Ed.) in Educational Psychology, is the manager of FamilieFlow, a practice for family therapy. In the past fourteen years, Nadia has also been a partner and educational-psychological consultant in the consultancy I to I. As a family therapist, lecturer in pscyhology and education, as an active school board member and as the mother of two, Nadia is focused on creating a good school and a good life for all children. Nadia may be contacted through www.nadiaholmgren.dk.

Nanna Paarup, MA in Positive Psychology, Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration and process consultant, runs www.skolekonsulenter.dk and is the author of a series of books on tools for classroom management. She works with competence development for teachers and school managers with a special focus on good teaching, teamwork and the development of professional learning communities. Nanna is an editor of Kognition & Pædagogik and member of an international network of Positive Education. She is constantly researching new ways to involve, engage and motivate students, teachers and pedagogical staff in educational institutions. 

Nanna may be contacted through www.skolekonsulenter.dk.

Mette Marie Ledertoug, Ph.D., postdoc in Positive Education. Formerly a school teacher with an MA in Educational Psychology and Positive Psychology, she has twenty years of practical experience in education. Mette’s focus is on optimal learning and well-being, especially on primary and secodary-school level where she works with research development. She has published a series of books and articles, participates in an international collaboration about Positive Education, and is a co-organiser at conferences. Throughout her career, Mette has met many students who do not learn or thrive optimally, and this has engaged her in battling boredom and given her faith in the positive prospects of such efforts. Mette may be contacted through mele@edu.au.dk.