I believe this book would be a most valuable read for all teachers. It emhasises how critical teacher relationships are with their students and how important it is for teachers to complement their teaching with elements of PERMA if they hope to reduce the serious issue of student boredom in an educational setting.

Charles Scudamore,

Vice Principal, Geelong Grammar School

An innovative book in positive education. Excellent balance between theory, research in positive psychology and educational psychology and classroom and school practices and effective pedagogy.

Each chapter incorporates excellent questions that encourage teachers to
reflect on their current practice and how they could improve their teaching
to meet the goals of positive eduction.

Toni Noble, Ph D
Adjunct Professor, Institute for Positive Psychology and Education
Australian Catholic University

Can we really change teaching in a way that would free children from “waiting for the bell to ring”?

The authors invite us to take an engaging path towards becoming impactful
educators,while translating research-findings into daily applications and
exercises for various educational settings.

This book is a gem for educators a resource for ideas, reflections, and advice for enhancing engagement, and optimizing well-being and meaningful learning and teaching.

Shiri Lavy, Ph.D.
The Department for Leadership and Policy in Education , The University of Haifa

It is indeed hard to get bored with this book in hand and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in the well-being of children and young people. 

Jannie Moon Lindskov,
Director, Danish Center for Educational Environment, DCUM

The book is easily accessible and inspiring, and al-though the book's target group is professionals, it offers me as a parent an insight into what is at stake with boredom and what is possible about doing
something about it. Thus, it supports my opportunity for dialogue both with my child and with the professionals who teach my child. 

Heidi Mortensen,
mother of two school children

I wish I was still teaching so that I could use this book with my class.

Talita Salqvist,
Pedagogical Consultant with Gladsaxe municipality