As Danish school researchers, consultants and authors Nadia, Mette, Nanna and Louise strive to spread key research-findings and filter them through to you, teachers, educators and other professionals that want to excel. They aim to communicate so it’s plug’n’play for your own practice and yet allows you to iterate it and make it your own. 

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Should you join us on this battle against boredom feel free to share your experiences, successes and iterations with us, e.g. in a short video, that we can share with your fellow educators, teachers and professionals - just make a short video and send it to us on and indicate to us if we can share it online.

You can share specific activities that you had success with or changes/modifications you did to the exercises in the book or even new research that has surfaced since the publication of this book. Anything that can enrich your colleagues around the world.

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